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ILSANLEONARDO SUITES enjoys central location of Bergamo Bassa where it occupies XVI-century Palazzo Ghislanzoni in historical Piazza Pontida.

Enter one of the most characteristic bergamasque spots, Paizza Pontida, with its massive open space surrounded by XVI-XVIII centuries arcaded palaces. Here traditional weekly markets take place: on Friday local farmers sell fresh fruits, vegetables, ecologically produced cheeses and wines (D.O.P.  and I.G.P. certified) and on Sunday handicraftsmen sell souvenirs handmade stationery and clothes. During holidays and city celebrations artists, musicians, folklore dancers, craftsmen, sportsmen and sometimes even caws and sheeps from the hills of Bergamo accompanied by their shepherds pass through Piazza Pontida witnessing authenticity of the local culture.

The borough of the city to which piazza Pontida belongs to, Borgo San Leonardo, is one of the preferred spots by locals for its happy hour (“aperitivo” in Italian) and bars, the area traditionally occupied by merchants, nowadays is home to commerce and business activities of Bergamo. Being one of the liveliest areas of Bergamo, Borgo San Leonardo offers beautiful settings of colorful antient buildings, fountains, plentitude of typical Italian little shops, cafes and traditional bars and restaurants.

Piazza Pontida Bergamo


The Opera House, Teatro Donizetti – 800 m

Railway Station – 1,1 km

Largo Porta Nuova – 650 m

Citta Alta (porta san Giaccomo) – 1100 m

Citta Alta (Piazza Vecchia) – 1500 m

Botanical Garden – 2,2 km

Chiesa San Leonardo – 80 m

Basilica Sant’ Alessandro in Colonna – 300 m

Torre dei caduti – 700 m

Accademia Carrara museum – 1,8 km

Modern art museum Gamec – 1,8 km

Railway Station – 1100 m

Hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII – 2,5 km

Olympic-size indoor and outdoor swimming pool “Italcementi” – 1,8 km

University of Bergamo (Department of Economics, Department of Law and university offices) – 850 m

University of Bergamo (Department of Languages) – 1,6 km

Banks (Ubi; Banca d’Asti; Che banca; Unicredit) < 500 m

Commercial Center Auchan – 1,5 km

Historical bar Balzer – 200 m

Historical restaurant Tre Gabbi – 90 m